Monday, 11 August 2014

Maia Worksurfaces available from Kitchens Direct NI

Maia ...  a new innovation in Kitchen work surface technology. 

Maia's high technology surface consists of acrylic resin, two thirds aluminium hydroxide and colour pigments.

Maia's surface presents many benefits over stone such as its greater heat resistance, virtually inconspicuous joints, aesthetically appealing and soft to the touch.

Maia offers you a luxurious worksurface that adds the finishing touch to your Kitchen cabinets in a range of colours.

Maia is Strong - Durable - Hygienic

Features & Benefits:
1. Extremely hygienic due to its smooth non porous surface
2. Impenetrable to dirt, dust and bacteria
3. Easy to clean and maintain with normal household cleaners
4. Inconspicuous joints can be achieved
5. UV resistant - will not fade or discolour
6. Scratches can be simply polished away
7. Can be machined like wood.

Kitchens Direct NI are a supplier of Maia in Kitchens throughout Northern Ireland.

Contact us for more information at  and Download the full Maia brochure here.

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