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Kitchens Direct NI - Tips for Measuring Your Kitchen

Kitchens Direct NI - Tips for Measuring Your Kitchen

 From Design 

 To Completion

When measuring your Kitchen it is best to use graph paper and make a precise scaled plan and always measure in millimetres.

Measure in a clockwise direction starting at a doorway and make a note on the plan which way the doors open into the Kitchen.

Mark all the permanent features of the Kitchen including Doors, Windows, Chimney Breasts and anything else that may affect your plan.

Mark all plumbing, waste fittings, boiler flues, extractor fittings and electrical sockets. All these things can be moved or altered and should not be a barrier to a completely new Kitchen layout, however by keeping them in their existing location can help to keep the cost of your kitchen down.

Mark all the sized of the appliances that you want to fit into your new Kitchen and what unit sizes and shapes you want to house the appliances, such as a tall unit with a built in microwave.

Mark all Kitchen appliances and furniture you want to keep, or all the new items that are a ‘Must Have’ in your new Kitchen Layout.

Think about the sizes of the Kitchen Units you will need for the equipment, appliances and storage requirements and mark these on the plan. Consider items such as deeper drawers for pots, a pull out larder or how you want your bin and recycling containers incorporated.

Our Designer at Kitchens Direct NI can double check the Kitchen measurements, prepare a 3D Plan and give you practical advice on your ‘Must Have’ items during your Free, No Obligation visit.

As a team we have installed Kitchens in Belfast and throughout Northern Ireland for over 20 years and have extensive experience in the Designing, Planning, Manufacturing and Installation.

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