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BEKO Built In and Free Standing Appliances available from Kitchens Direct NI


Built In and Free Standing Appliances available from Kitchens Direct NI

Ovens - key features and technologies
The oven is the centre of your kitchen, so look for one with time-saving features alongside great energy efficiency. Be sure to choose a size that suits your lifestyle - Beko's single oven models are a smart option for small families while its double ovens are ideal if you like to entertain or have a larger household. They all have easy to use controls and simple programmable timers to help prevent food burning.
However careful a cook you are, ovens can get grimy, which is where Beko's technology shines. The glass doors on selected ovens have been nano-coated to resist grease and dirt, so will stay looking spotless for longer. Inside, opt for easy clean enamel or a model with a self-cleaning pyrolytic programme. This clever function heats the oven up to an intense 480°C, turning food residue to a fine ash that can be simply wiped away - saving you hours of scrubbing.

Hobs - key features and technologies
However you like to cook, there's sure to be a Beko hob to suit. Perfect for stir-fries and rapid cooking, its gas models are really easy to use thanks to front controls, automatic ignition and sturdy cast-iron supports. For extra peace of mind, there's a flame safety device that cuts the gas supply should a burner become extinguished.

If you prefer your kitchen design to be sleek and minimal, you'll be spoilt for choice between its ceramic hobs and induction models - both types come with an easy-clean smooth ceramic glass surface and straightforward controls. Add the induction hob to your wish list and you'll also benefit from excellent energy efficiency. Almost all the power you use is directed straight into the pan, plus induction offers ultimate control in cooking for everything from super-speedy suppers to low heat for melting chocolate or simmering.

Refrigeration - key features and technologies
Beko's fridge freezers aren't just smart on the outside, they're cooler than you can imagine on the inside, too. The American Style range boast NeoFrost technology to help keep food fresher for longer - with two separate fans to maintain the right amount of humidity and prevent odour transfer between fridge and freezer. Pick a Beko American-style fridge freezer and you won't just be gaining plenty of practical food storage, you'll also be making a serious style statement to show off to your friends and family.

Remember that your fridge freezer is the appliance that's always on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so look out for an energy efficient model such as Beko's EcoSmart range. They'll have a minimum A+ rating for energy efficiency, helping save you money on your bills.

Whether you prefer an integrated model for a streamlined kitchen look or a freestanding model at the centre of your design, there's a range of sizes to suit and even fridge freezers with a multi-zone compartment that can be used for extra fridge or freezer space, for ultimate flexibility.

Washing Machines - key features and technologies
Wave goodbye to the washday blues and piles of laundry with a programme-packed Beko washing machine. The whole range has a minimum A+ rating for energy, saving you money on every load, and several models include clever fast wash programmes. The Daily Quick programme can wash a full 9kg drum of laundry in just 39 minutes and the Xpress programme can wash 2kg in 14 minutes - saving you precious time.

There'll be no more heaps of wet washing sitting in the drum all day when you're out thanks to Beko's Time Delay function. It starts your programme exactly when you want, so it can end the minute you walk through the door. Available in a variety of sizes, from compact 5kg models to 9kg machines that can swallow sports kits, family washes and mountains of bedlinen, Beko's range comes as freestanding or integrated - perfect for a streamlined kitchen design.

Dishwashing - key features and technologies
From everyday dinners to entertaining, there always seems to be a stack of washing-up. If you're doing it by hand, now's a great time to invest in a Beko dishwasher - they use less water than washing-up by hand, save time and cost less per wash. All its models have low water consumption, whether they're full-size or slim line, freestanding or integrated plus selected models use just six litres of water to clean 13 place settings - there are no dishwashers on the market that use any less.

Beko's dishwashers are designed to help make your life easier, with adjustable top baskets so large pans can squeeze in and racks that fold down when you're not cleaning plates. With a minimum of an A+ energy rating on models to help save you money, and noise levels as quiet as 44dB, it's time to find a new purpose for your washing-up bowl.

    2 year warranty on all Beko built in appliances

Beko built-in ovens, large capacity washing machines and American Style Fridge Freezers have received an average 9 out of 10 customer review score

Source: Reevoo, Customer Reviews, May 12 - May 14.

  The UK’s Best Selling Large Home Appliance Brand
Source: GfK, volume sales, July 13 - June 14

Information above from BEKO UK

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