Monday, 27 July 2015

A True Designer Kitchen from Kitchens Direct NI

A True Designer Kitchen

Nowadays the title “Designer Kitchen” seems to be applied to almost every kitchen, however a True Designer Kitchen is just that, a kitchen designed by an experienced designer, not only capable of preparing the basic plan of Base and Wall units to fit your space, but who can give you valuable advice, based on your brief, on how to use your space to the best effect and at the same time incorporate the elements your require whilst making it look stylish and stunning.

A True Designer Kitchen should, space and budget allowing, incorporate all of your needs and aspirations. Your designer should be able to demonstrate his or her experience with work they have already done and they should be knowledgeable about their product and capable of giving clear, accurate and relevant advice. They should also be more than happy to provide customer references and have a portfolio of past work (either with them or available on line from their website or social media accounts).

A Symbol of Luxury
A designer kitchen will double as a status symbol for your home. Stylish bedrooms or living rooms are great, but having a beautiful designer kitchen adds extra luxury and beauty to your house which no-one will fail to notice.

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning
A designer kitchen can have materials which are conducive to easy cleaning and maintenance without compromising on Finishes. For example, Corian worktops can be made entirely seamless with undermounted sinks and built in hobs leaving no nooks and crannies for dirt to lurk. Self-cleaning ovens are an option and there are many other devices and material options available meaning that cleaning a kitchen is no longer a massive undertaking.

Better Working Place
Your new Designer Kitchen should incorporate an obvious flow around the kitchen according to the task being carried out. For example, prep areas will be close to a sink and dishwasher to enable ease of clearing up as each part of the process is done. Storage for pots and pans will be close to the hob whilst a wine cooler, will likely be sited near any breakfast bar or seating area for entertaining your guests while you finish off in the kitchen.

Kitchens Direct NI have over 20 years experience in the Design, Manufacture and Installation of Kitchens in the Greater Belfast Area and Throughout Northern Ireland. Our Principal Designer, Jim Grew has a Joinery, Kitchen Fitting and Kitchen Design background and while working with your brief and budget we will offer you a practical yet stylish solution with lots of choices in Colour, Finish, Materials and Appliances for your True Designer Kitchen. 

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