Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Utility Rooms - Functional - Fabulous – Stylish

Utility Rooms -  Functional - Fabulous – Stylish
Utility Rooms may need to be functional, but they can still be Fabulous –don’t compromise on style.

Utility rooms are multifunctional spaces with many containing Appliances, Laundry Airing, Storage, Cloakroom and Pet areas.
 As Utility rooms are normally small, every inch of space has to be carefully allocated to a particular function.
 However small or spacious your Utility Room, there’s no doubt that your utility room can be functional and stylish.


As with any other room in the house, when it comes to choosing suitable materials for your utility room, you can let your imagination run riot! Materials such as tiles and stainless steel are particularly popular – mainly due to the fact that they’re not only durable, but easy to clean.
 For small spaces white and light wood shades are often used as these will make a small space feel larger. That doesn’t mean that the look has to be bland or impersonal as you can inject warmth with the use of different shades of Door such as mixing Powder Blue base units and Porcelain Wall units.  Add a vibrant Splashback for a touch of colour, or use different textures such as Solid Wood Worktops, Wicker Storage Baskets or a patterned rug.
 For larger spaces bold colours can also make a very powerful statement.  For a modern look, use a Gloss Aubergine or for a more Traditional style Cornflower is a great choice.

Storage is key when working in a restricted space, so it is vital that you keep everything in the utility room organised and easy to access. Floor-to-ceiling cupboards in a range of sizes or a storage wall will house household machinery and Ironing Boards as well as laundry baskets and household cleaners.
 With the wide range of interior storage options now available you can design the storage to suit what you want to keep in your Utility room.
 Pull out larders are a great way of storing lots of small items which can be easily found.  Hanging rails allows for ironed clothes to be hung until you are ready to put them in the airing cupboard.  If the Utility room is where your boiler is situated, have a made to measure boiler housing designed to conceal it.  Having your appliances built in makes the room look neater and more spacious.
 Designing your Utility Room is as important as designing your Kitchen.  It is a work and storage area that you use daily and it should have the same smooth flow to make your usage of the room easy while still looking stylish.
 Contact us to have your Utility Room redesigned.  We can adapt your space to meet the changes in your lifestyle and to suit your families needs. or visit our website to see some of the Styles, Colours and Finishes available.  

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