Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Blum Fittings in Kitchens Direct NI Designs

Blum Fittings in Kitchens Direct NI Designs

Infinite possibilities for handle-less furniture
Minimalist looks put the spotlight on the functionality of furniture and Blum offers a range of options for designing handle-less doors, lift systems and pull-outs with high quality of motion available in our Kitchens.  Ask for details at your Free Design Visit
SERVO-DRIVE, TIP-ON BLUMOTION, TIP-ON and BLUMOTION make different levels of convenience possible with handle-less furniture. Whether electrical or mechanical, their comprehensive range offers just the right solution for a wide range of requirements.

Clear-cut and precise

Blum's motion technologies enable a small front gap of just 2.5 mm for handle-less lift systems, doors and pull-outs. This creates a large amount of design freedom for handle-less furniture in all living areas, including the kitchen.

Practical and convenient

Motion technologies make furniture convenient and ergonomic to use, particularly as opening is so easy, and make for a pleasant experience for the user. A brief touch with the hand, hip or knee is sufficient to open lift systems, doors and pull-outs as if by themselves.

Infinite possibilities

Blum's motion technologies support the design of handle-less lift systems, doors and pull-outs. Whether 100% electric, 100% mechanical or a combination of both, there's a solution for every living area.

Convenient and exact

Convenient adjustment options help to create a harmonious overall appearance. Many components can be assembled tool-free. It takes very little time to adjust and create a precise and permanently uniform gap layout.

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