Monday, 7 October 2019

Just because Lighting is essential and needs to be practical does not mean it can’t also be sensational.
Your choice of lights helps create an ambience and sets the mood too. You also need to ensure the lighting in your Kitchen is designed to meet the different needs of the space.
Kitchens require general lighting and task lighting. In terms of general lighting, track lights are a popular kitchen lighting choice as they can be adjusted to prevent shadows and light up the whole room. For task lighting, spotlights and downlights are a sensible choice, and you can use under cabinet lighting to illuminate your worktops.
Pendant Lighting: A popular contemporary design choice. Form and function meet in these ceiling lights, that can be as understated or as dramatic as you choose them to be, depending on placement and your chosen shades.
Chandeliers: These are hard to beat for adding opulence and drama to a room. The style has evolved from the traditional crystal version to include chic, contemporary and even whimsical designs. As well as being a stunning statement lighting piece, a chandelier is also excellent for casting even light so is a great choice if you want a well-lit room.
Spotlights and Downlights: These are either fitted to a central ceiling mount or are recessed into the ceiling. They are subtle installations and provide direct light.
Our internet search brought up these ideas which are both stunning and practical and are a great way of stamping your style on your New Kitchen.

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