Monday, 24 February 2020

Home Offices

Home offices are more popular than ever and not just for those working from home.
Most houses have an area they keep the Printer, paper supplies, home files and documents and this is the space that can easily become untidy and starts to encroach on the room where they are stored.
So whether you work from home or just need somewhere to keep your documents instead of an ever growing number of plastic bags or an unsightly filing cabinet, why not use the space to create a bespoke and stylish home office area.
Space can be limited so the first thing to consider is what you will use the space for?
Do you need a good work surface at the right height and space within easy reach to keep the printer and files you use on a daily basis. What type of storage do you need for your files? Open shelving so you can reach up or over to the file or book you want or drawers with file dividers so you can close them away when not needed or slide open to lift out when you do. Are there reference books you use frequently that need to be easy to identify?
When you have considered everything you will use the space for and what you need to be able to have contained in that space, you are ready to decide on the styling of the space. Do you like a Classic Shaker or Modern Gloss/Handle-less look? What colours suit your home best, and what finish will compliment your room, the silky smooth Serica or a Painted Grain?
Most people associate Bespoke with expensive, at Kitchens Direct NI all our work is bespoke yet affordable as everything is made to order.
Contact us at to arrange your home design visit and one of our Designers will call and together you can start transforming the space.

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